Getting Started

You've made it to the Discord server! Here's a quick guide on what to do next. We understand that Discord can be overwhelming especially if you've never used it before; we're here to help.

Verify your NFT

In order to gain full access to the server, you'll need to verify ownership of one of the NFTs that gives you that level of access (see: Membership Breakdown for more details on the different membership options).
In order to do that, we utilize a third-party Discord bot called Vulcan -- this is a common bot that many Discord servers use. Head to ⛩│castle-gate and use the Vulcan Authenticator bot (ID#7805) to verify ownership of your NFT.
​Click here for instructions on how to verify via Vulcan, courtesy of our awesome moderator @Lacesnlashes.

Take a look around and say hi

Once you've verified and joined, we'd love for you to say hi in 👋│introduce-yourself. Most of the conversations happen in 🔮│general-chat and 🧠│alpha-hub but we also make use of Threads.
Threads give us a way to facilitate discussion on specific topics. It makes it easier to find conversations and it allows us to keep the server at a manageable size.
Want a new thread? Ask one of our friendly Mods to create one for you and if there's enough demand, we will.
To find active threads, click the # symbol on the top right of the Discord window and a list will pop up. You'll need to post in or join a thread in order to for it to show up in your list of channels.

Lost? Visit the Castle Map for help

​🏰│castle-map gives you a summary of some of our most popular threads. This is also where you can get access to react roles. Simply click on the emoji which corresponds with the role you want to receive and you'll automatically get alerted to the topics of your choice.

New to Discord?


Need help? Head to open-ticket to get in touch with our friendly team!


Partnerships / Collabs: Want to collab with ZenAcademy? Please use the !suggest-collab command and fill out the form
Links and Shills: Please no unsolicited links and especially no Discord invite links. Promotion of your own projects is not allowed, except in 🔨│founders-chat (and even then, only in moderation please)
Selling and Trading: ZenAcademy is a beginner-friendly server, and therefore we do not offer a space to sell or trade your NFTs. Please be careful!