Ethical Trading Policy

Why have an ethical trading policy?

We believe that transparency in NFTs is critical to building trust. This trust is critical for the space to continue to grow and mature, and we believe that projects and founding teams have a responsibility to lead the way. We want to set a benchmark because it’s the right thing to do.
This policy is an acknowledgement that members of the ZenAcademy team from time to time will possess information that could impact the price of ZenAcademy NFTs. This policy governs those times and we are publishing this policy publicly for transparency.
Importantly, it is just as important for us to avoid the appearance of impropriety as well as actual unethical behavior.

Who and what does this policy cover?

Every member of the ZenAcademy team, including our part-time moderators, may have visibility into ZenAcademy decisions and access to price sensitive information.
This policy applies to all ZenAcademy team members, their families, and any other entities which may be subject to their influence (e.g. DAOs). It also automatically covers individuals or entities to whom information is shared (i.e. don’t tip people off, duh).
Finally, this policy governs the trading of all ZenAcademy NFTs. Specifically, it governs the ZenAcademy Genesis token, the ZenAcademy 333 token, as well as any upcoming tokens that are released by ZenAcademy within our ecosystem including free airdrops, POAPs, etc.
For the purposes of this policy, all transfers (e.g. including the gifting of NFTs) are considered trades.

How does this policy work?

Trading on information which is market sensitive (e.g. knowledge of an upcoming announcement, knowledge of unrevealed NFT metadata) is always prohibited. If in doubt, you should consider your information to be market sensitive and discuss it with Zeneca.
Note: ZenAcademy abides by a “need to know” policy and will restrict market sensitive information wherever possible only to those team members who are working on the project.
There will be a trading blackout ahead of all material public announcements and events. The trading blackout begins once you are notified by Zeneca that a material announcement (e.g. a snapshot announcement) or event (e.g. a mint) is coming, and it finishes 24 hours after the announcement/event has taken place. Trading of ZenAcademy NFTs during blackout periods is always prohibited.
Team members who do not possess market sensitive information and are not in a trading blackout may trade ZenAcademy NFTs, but must first seek approval from Zeneca.
Once approved by Zeneca, approved purchases must be completed within 72 hours of receiving clearance. Approved sales must be listed within 72 hours of receiving clearance.
In exceptional circumstances, you may apply to Zeneca for permission to trade your tokens even when it would not ordinarily be allowed. This may be granted at Zeneca’s sole discretion, but as a matter of course, you should not expect to rely on your ZenAcademy holdings for emergency liquidity. Any special approvals will be publicly announced by Zeneca.
A few examples:
  • You buy a ZenAcademy Genesis token, knowing that ZenAcademy is considering doing a Profile Picture (PFP) project in the future.
    • This is okay, as long as you discuss it with Zeneca. ZenAcademy has publicly acknowledged the possibility of a PFP and you did not have additional market sensitive information.
    • Exception: If you are involved in the the PFP project discussions, you are likely in possession of market sensitive information.
    • What if: You knew that we had had further undisclosed discussions? Knowledge of the existence of conversations is probably fine, as long as you weren’t part of those discussions, but you would still need to request approval from Zeneca.
  • You buy a ZenAcademy Genesis token knowing that we’re about to announce a snapshot.
    • This is not okay. You have market sensitive information that the community doesn’t have.
  • ZenAcademy issues an airdrop in the future, and you, a member of the team, immediately sell your airdrop the same day that it is issued.
    • This is not okay. Trading can only occur 24 hours after a material event so that the market has time to catch up.

Breach of Policy

Any team member found to be in breach of this policy is subject to immediate termination.