Frequently asked questions about our PFP and mint process


I have my ZenChest. Wen PFP? 

You will soon be able to burn your ZenChest for a PFP (Denizen).

We will announce the date and time via our official channels at least 72 hours prior to the burn opening.

What is the official name of the PFP collection?

"Denizens of ZenAcademy" (“Denizens”) is the official name of our PFP collection.

Denizens are inhabitants of a particular place. In this case, our wonderful community of ZenAcademy residents.

The Denizens are a love letter to our community — a collection to represent the essence of our vibrant members and a testament to the unity and magic that binds us together.

What is the size of the PFP (Denizen) collection?

The total maximum collection size for the PFP project will be 10,000, however it is very possible (likely) that not all 10,000 PFPs will ever be minted due to dormant wallets.

There are/were 7,848 ZenAcademy Genesis tokens and 333 of the 333 Club tokens. Most of these have been burned for ZenChests. 333 Club tokens can claim 3x ZenChests each. This brings the total collection size to 8,847 (7,848 + (3 * 333)).

The ZenAcademy Treasury wallet will then mint a further 1153 ZenChests, bringing the total PFP collection size to a maximum of 10,000. The mechanism for how the ZenAcademy Treasury will sell or distribute these tokens is TBD.

Can I get a PFP if I hold a Student ID?

While Student IDs are a fantastic way to join ZenAcademy and are free for everyone, revealing a PFP is a feature exclusively available to ZenChest holders.

What happens to my ZenChest once I burn it? 

Your ZenChest will disappear in exchange for your PFP.

Does the “utility” change when I burn my ZenChest for the PFP?

No. The utility of the PFP and an unopened ZenChest will be identical.

How do I know I’m signing safe transactions during the burn/reveal of the PFP?

To mint your PFP, you will need to sign two on-chain transactions.

The first is “SetApprovalForAll”, which allows your ZenChest token to be burned from the ZenChest contract.

This contract address is: 0x7B70695E761EB828aBEd8c4d506f9af3a76eF4b5.

The first transaction will require gas only.

Please note: you're giving us access to all of your ZenAcademy NFTs from this collection only. You are not giving us permission to access any other NFTs on any other contract. These transactions are safe and will not put your NFTs at risk.

Once the first transaction is complete and you initiate the second transaction, you will then be interacting with the Denizens of ZenAcademy Contract (“Contract Interaction”), which mints a new token to your wallet.

This contract address is: 0x1Cfb252575aBbb30262B4f8Ab7519C111d419964.

The second transaction will require gas and a ~US$1 HeyMint platform fee (0.0007 ETH).

How much does burning/revealing cost?

For existing token holders, the journey to securing a ZenAcademy PFP will cost nothing (aside from gas). We want to reward our existing community. If you own a ZenAcademy Genesis token or 333 Club Token, your ZenChest claim(s) will be free + gas. Then, the burn/reveal from ZenChest to PFP for each token is also a free claim + 0.0007 ETH (~US$1 HeyMint platform fee) + gas.

Please keep in mind that when the Ethereum Network is congested and gas fees are high, it may be more expensive to burn/reveal your PFP. We recommend waiting until gas fees are lower before burning/revealing your PFP.

Are the JPEGs of the PFP on IPFS?

In the short-term, no. In the long-term, yes.

Currently, all unminted and minted NFTs are stored on a centralized server. This allows us to keep artwork from leaking before a token is minted.

Once the collection gets to 80% minted, we will then upload all artwork to IPFS and update the smart contract URI accordingly.

I burned for my PFP but can't see the metadata on a marketplace (such as OpenSea). What should I do?

Don’t worry! Marketplaces sometimes take some time to refresh, but eventually your artwork will go through.

If you want to assist in speeding up the process, there is a “Refresh Metadata” option on your token page on OpenSea.

Is there a time limit for burning/revealing my PFP from my ZenChest? Is there a time limit for burning my Genesis letter into a ZenChest?"

There are no current plans to close this burning windows, but that may change at some point in the future.

If it does, we will give our community plenty of advance notice.

Will the PFP be tradeable on all platforms?

We are trying to balance being able to generate some revenue via secondary sales (especially since we are making no money from this mint), and allowing our holders the freedom to interact on major marketplaces.

Given how quickly the landscape can change on this front, we will finalize details only shortly prior to the burn event and will update the community once we do.

Who is the Artist behind the collection?

ZenAcademy’s Lead Illustrator is Pondering, and the artwork is in his unique style. View our detailed Twitter announcement about Pondering as our PFP artist here.

How many 1/1s will there be in the PFP collection?

Our PFP collection will include a total of 33 1/1s.

These will be distributed at random, and neither the ZenAcademy team nor anyone else knows when they will appear in the collection.

Will the reveal of the PFP collection be random?

Yes, the reveal of the PFP collection will be completely random.

How is it ensured that team members, including Zeneca, do not use insider information?

We at ZenAcademy take ethical practices very seriously.

As a result, already a long time ago, we created an Ethical Trading Policy that discusses this point and prohibits or limits team members from trading immediately after the launch of our own collection.

We were the first NFT community to implement such a policy. Our Ethical Trading Policy can be found here.

Our approach to the PFP launch is to publicly share the rarity distribution at the launch.

The team will then be unable to buy or trade for 48 hours. After the 48 hours have elapsed, the team can buy/sell PFP tokens.

What will the future utility of our PFP look like?

Our plan is that the PFP will provide you with the same utility as the ZenChest or the ZenAcademy Genesis Letter, which is access to act as a membership token to our community.

This will grant you access to various private Discord channels (depending on which token you have), free or discounted access to our educational courses, and other perks such as giveaways.

In addition, you will have access to events that we and community members are organizing both virtually and all over the world including weekly founders calls, private coaching, and IRL meetups

What is the treatment of ZenAcademy Intellectual Property (IP)?

Artwork for ZenAcademy Genesis, 333 Passes, 333 Club Passes, and ZenChests are owned by ZenAcademy without a license.

However, artwork for PFPs is licensed to the token holders. In summary, this means you can use your artwork for commercial purposes.

For more information about our IP arrangements for the PFP, see Zeneca’s recent Discord announcement here.

Our full PFP IP license agreement will be available on our website once the burn is live.

General FAQs

What are Royalties for each of the NFTs?

Royalties for our various collections are the following:

- PFP (Denizens): 7.5%

- ZenChests and 333 Club Pass Token: 7.5%

- ZenAcademy Genesis and 333 Token: 10%

I have a ZenAcademy Genesis Token (Letter). How can I get my PFP?

If you hold the original ERC-1155 ZenAcademy Genesis token (Letter), you need to burn it first for a ZenChest on our website: https://zenacademy.com.

After you have your ZenChest, you can then burn/reveal your PFP. The steps are: ZenAcademy Genesis Token → ZenChest → PFP

I have a ZenAcademy 333 Token (Letter). How can I get my PFP?

Similarly to when you have a ZenAcademy Genesis Token, you must first burn your 333 Token (Letter) to obtain a new 333 Club Pass on our website: https://zenacademy.com

This new 333 Club Pass entitles you to claim three ZenChests. These ZenChests can be revealed/burned for your PFP.

Please note that your 333 Club Pass will not be burned during this process and the claim is free (except for gas).

The steps are: ZenAcademy 333 Token (Letter) → 333 Club Pass → Claim 3 ZenChests → PFP for each

Does my “utility” change depending on whether I Upgrade my Letter to the ZenChest or in the next step burn my ZenChest for my PFP? 


Whether you have your original ERC-1155 ZenAcademy Genesis token (Letter), or choose to Upgrade to the ERC-721 ZenChest, or ultimately choose to burn your ZenChest in exchange for your PFP, your utility will be the same.

What are the utility differences between the ZenAcademy Genesis and the 333 Token after burning them for a ZenChest or 333 Club Pass?

The 333 Club remains the most exclusive community within the ZenAcademy community, with access to private chat rooms within the ZenAcademy server.

With 333 members, there is an opportunity for closer networking amongst hundreds of peer founders, builders, creators, collectors, and professionals.

333 Club members have exclusive access to 1:1 meetings with Zeneca, have better odds of winning giveaways, and receive enhanced discounts and perks.

For more information, please see a full breakdown here: Membership Breakdown

What if I choose not to Upgrade or Burn my ZenAcademy Genesis or 333 Token for the ZenChest or 333 Club Pass?

Currently, we do not intend to close the upgrade or burn of the ZenAcademy Genesis Token to the ZenChest or the upgrade/burn of the 333 token to the 333 Club Pass.

So don't feel obligated to upgrade or burn right now. 

However, we may decide to set a deadline for the upgrade or burn in the future.

If we do, there will be plenty of time for members to burn or upgrade and multiple announcements.

I’m a 333 Club member. What’s different when I upgrade/burn my 333 token for the 333 Club Pass?

Original 333 Club Tokens (Letters) will be burned for new ERC-721 333 Club Passes.

The 333 Club Pass can then claim three ZenChests (one-time option).

Your 333 Club Pass will not be burned during this process and the claim is free (except for gas).

I have the “OG” role in the ZenAcademy Discord. What does this mean for me?

We are removing all Discord permissions for the OG role in order to safeguard and streamline the server.

However, all OGs (our original, most loyal non-token holders) will retain their OG vanity role, and will still be able to maintain access to the server by minting a free Student ID at: https://zenacademy.com/enroll

How do I know I’m signing safe transactions during the upgrade/burn of the original ZenAcademy Genesis and 333 Token

You will need to sign two on-chain transactions. The first is “SetApprovalForAll”, which allows your ZenAcademy Genesis token to be burned. This will require gas.

Once that transaction is complete and you initiate the second transaction, you will again be interacting with the Contract (“Contract Interaction”), which mints a new token to your wallet. This will also require gas.

Contract addresses:

  • ZenChests: 0x7b70695e761eb828abed8c4d506f9af3a76ef4b5

  • 333 Club Passes: 0x4fc0f57eaf5c08d0b8e72cad5d7e5a4e0ecc1a24

These transactions are safe and will not put your NFTs at risk.

Check out the Minting Guide on Discord for a visual walk-through

Note - 333 Club members will have 3 contract interactions in total: 1) SetApprovalForAll, 2) 333 token burn / 333 Club Pass mint, and 3) Claim 3 ZenChests.

Each transaction will require gas only.

Is there a way to check if a 333 Club Pass has already claimed its chests?
What tokens exist in the ZenAcademy ecosystem, and what is their relationship?

Tokens issued by ZenAcademy primarily include the following:

  1. ZenAcademy Genesis (ZAG)

  2. 333 Token

  3. 333 Club Pass

  4. ZenChests

  5. Denizens (PFP)

  6. Letter Remnants

  7. StudentIDs

The utility of ZAG, ZenChests, and PFPs are identical. The utility of the 333 Token and 333 Club Pass is identical.

ZAG tokens were upgradable to ZenChests, and in so doing, wallets were airdropped “remnants” of their original letters.

333 tokens similarly were upgradable to 333 Club Passes. Each 333 Club pass is allowed to redeem 3x ZenChests.

ZenChests are burnable for PFPs.

What are student IDs?

Student IDs are our way of welcoming everyone into the ZenAcademy community.

Student IDs are free NFTs that can be claimed (minted) anytime on the ZenAcademy website.

The only payment required is gas (a couple of dollars), which is necessary to execute the transaction on the blockchain.

IDs will be Soulbound tokens. This means that the NFTs cannot be sold or transferred out of the wallet that minted.

There are a few reasons for this: we believe that once you’re a student of ZenAcademy, you’re always a student.

Also, because they are free and mintable forever, there’s no need for someone to buy a token - they can just mint themselves!

Mints are limited to 1 token per wallet.

You are welcome to mint from multiple wallets, however, you will most likely simply be wasting gas doing that. There is no benefit to having multiples - remember these cannot be sold or transferred.

In the future you will be able to link the wallet you minted from to any others you own and to personalize your ID with badges, your PFP, and more!

Student IDs will enroll the owner in ZenAcademy and provide access to most of the Discord server, where token-holders will be able to meet and chat with other Students. For more about the Student ID utility, see here.

What are Remnants?

Every wallet that has burnt a Genesis or 333 token will receive a free, airdropped, artifact of the original ZenAcademy letter in the form of an ERC721 NFT on Ethereum mainnet.

Tokens will be soulbound, meaning they cannot be transferred or sold. The intention is to keep Remnants as true collectibles (mementos), as opposed to a tradable or speculative commodity.

Remnants will be airdropped periodically, accounting for any new wallets that burn their letters but have not yet received a Remnant.

The Remnants live in this collection for Genesis tokens, and this collection for 333 tokens.

Where can I go if I have further questions?

Our team is around to help you through any question - big or small. If these FAQs don’t have your answer, jump into our Discord (discord.gg/zenacademy), ask fellow members, and if you’re still stuck, open a Support Ticket where our team will be all hands on deck to help out.

You can also learn more about ZenAcademy by exploring this Gitbook. Note that for accessing our Discord you need to claim a Student ID first here. This Student ID is free; you only need to pay gas fees.

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