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ZenAcademy Scholarship Fund

What is the ZenAcademy Scholarship Fund?

This fund is designed to support up-and-coming artists and creators in the NFT space, and other crucial initiatives worldwide. It will be funded through a variety of funnels.
The first of those is from the proceeds from Zeneca's "How to Launch an NFT Project" course.
It's a paid course, but Zeneca is taking no revenue from it. 25% is being donated to support Ukraine and the remaining 75% is going into the fund.
You can check the balance of the fund by clicking here.
6.5 ETH will be going towards the "12 Days of Zenmas" initiative in July 2022 (0.50 ETH for 13 up-and-coming artists).
2.36205 ETH
4.402475 ETH
5.5 ETH
We will be looking for future avenues to deploy this capital to help people in the NFT space and ways to bring revenue back to bolster the fund.

Ukraine Donation

On 24th February, the news broke that Russia has invaded Ukraine in what is a full-scale invasion, a war of aggression. The least we can do is donate to support Ukraine.
Millions of innocent humans have been thrust into the throws of war against their will. This is certainly not the first time this has happened, and sadly, it will not be the last.
Let’s spare a thought or a hundred for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Let’s also be easy on ourselves, and show compassion for one another.
Let those of us fortunate enough not to have to worry about a bomb obliterating our homes tonight take a moment to zoom out and appreciate what we have.
Letter 25: War - Letters from a Zeneca_33

12 Days Of Zenmas

The goal and initiative here are to support up-and-coming artists by commissioning work from those who are struggling to get noticed and/or sell much of their art as NFTs, or are simply new to the space.
The commissioned art will be airdropped to everyone holding a ZenAcademy Genesis or 333 NFT.