Not really a roadmap...

A few words from Zeneca:

I cannot stress this enough - there is no roadmap. I know almost every project has a roadmap, but to be honest, I kinda hate them. I’m very purposefully not having a roadmap for this project. Instead of a roadmap, I'll tell you why I don’t like roadmaps.
With a roadmap you have to plan months in advance, sometimes years. The NFT space moves at hyperspeed and we have no idea what the landscape is going to look like three months from now, let alone three years from now. I don’t want to promise things in a roadmap and then feel obligated to fulfill them. I’d rather make it up as I go along. Change with the wind, etc. This allows me to move with the market and with what is best for the holders of my NFT and not get caught in the trap of working on something for three months only for it to be outdated by the time it’s launched.
Also - I am just generally not promising a lot. I have some thoughts and ideas for interesting things I can do in the future, and hopefully I can find ways to create and bring future value to holders of these NFTs - but maybe I can’t. Oh here’s a fun thought too - so much of the value of this NFT is tied to me personally - if I get hit by a bus tomorrow, chances are the value is gonna plummet, and all that will be mapped is me on the road LOL (too morbid?!) sorry mum.
No but seriously - if you buy either of these NFTs, you are paying for better access to me and my thoughts. That’s sorta the only thing of value I have to offer. My time, my connections, my knowledge. I’m not a developer, I’m not an artist, I’m not a game designer. I just like to think about NFTs a lot, and occasionally write and say what are hopefully smart things.
So if you buy one of my NFTs, here’s what I can promise: I will try and do good things and be a good person and hopefully provide enough value to justify the sale price. I’m hyper cognizant of the price for the higher tier, and the amount of money I will be raising if it sells out. It’s genuinely anxiety inducing to think about getting that much money in one go, and figuring out how to responsibly spend it. Yeah I know, the world’s tiniest violin is playing for me. I really am giving it a lot of thought, though.
One last thing I can probably promise - I will continue to be transparent and open about my motives and thoughts, and this will probably mean many long messages and posts like this one in the future :) Apologies in advance for all the walls of text you’re going to get from me going forward.