12 Days Of Zenmas

An initiative we started in 2021, modeled after the 12 days of Christmas. We commission art from 12 up-and-coming NFT artists and airdrop their work to everyone who holds a ZenAcademy/333 Token.

The goal and initiative here are to support up-and-coming artists by commissioning work from those who are struggling to get noticed and/or sell much of their art as NFTs, or are simply new to the space.

This is to support art, and support artists, and give our community some awesome art (trust me, the pieces are out of this world).

The commissioned art will be airdropped to everyone holding a ZenAcademy Genesis or 333 NFT.

Accompanying the airdrops, we'll include an artist profile with some details about their work, their story, and links which you can use to follow them. The goal is to use our platform to elevate great art and artists, especially those that are struggling. Creating art and marketing art are two very different skill sets, and we want to help those good at the former but not so good at the latter.

Zenmas Collection on OpenSea

Imagine a universe

Soothing and Serene

Where we empower others

Undiscovered and Unseen

Imagine a universe

Artistic and Aspiring

Where creator are built

Unbiased and Untiring

Imagine a universe

Educative and Enlightening

Where we co-learn together

Understanding and Unfrightening

Imagine this universe

It's here in the metaverse

Where Zeneca leads his vision

Si vis amari, ama

- @LittleGirlKavya

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