The 333 Club

More on what you can expect

A few words from Zeneca:

The idea for The 333 Club came about due to the fact that I was (and still am) receiving an overwhelming number of inbound requests from people / projects asking for my advisory and/or consulting services. Realistically, I wouldn't have the capacity to be a team member and official advisor for more than 2-3 projects at any given time, so I decided to experiment with a hybrid model.
I make some office-hours each week in my calendar available to anyone holding a 333 Club Token to book meetings with me to discuss, well, anything really -- but most people that book calls are those launching projects and looking to get some input from me on their plans and strategy.
Importantly, I hoped that by creating a small community of passionate and dedicated builders in the space, there would be a network effect whereby community members could learn from one another. Indeed, this is the type of community that we now have.
The 333 Club is a living organism and life long experiment. What worked for the first six months might not work for the next six, and I (and we) are always looking for ways to improve our lives and add value to the club.
The nature of the smaller community size means that conversations are more intimate and the nature of the high mint price (and secondary market price) tends to mean that the community self-selects for those with a more serious desire to grow and build in the web3 / NFT space.
Just like with ZenAcademy, there is no roadmap for The 333 Club. I have some ideas and plans for how we might continue to flourish as time goes on, but I am of the belief that direction is more important than speed, and that as we strengthen the ties that bind us together, we as a community will be able to accomplish tremendous things.
Original Mint Price: 3.33 ETH Secondary Markets: Opensea