Key discord categories and channels

The ZenAcademy Discord Server is broken up into 6 categories, each with a few channels. Some of those channels have threads within them.

#open-ticket --> submit a service ticket for a ZenAcademy team member to help you out with issues such as access/permissions
#💌 welcome-letter --> a brief introduction from Zeneca
#⛩ castle-gate --> verify your Genesis token holding or continue as a Free Member
#📢 announcements --> stay up to date with all major server announcements
#📣 minor-announcements --> hear about events such as the Poker Tourney or Movie Night
#📖 zens-thoughts --> hear what's on Zeneca's mind
#🏰 castle-map --> a map of how to navigate the server threads
#✅ official-links --> official accounts and URLs
#📜 content-feed --> where all ZenAcademy content is posted, as well as daily news
#🎁 giveaways --> enter project giveaways hosted by ZenAcademy
#👋 introduce-yourself --> new or old member? Tell us about yourself!
#🔮 general-chat --> where most of the magic happens
#🧠 alpha-hub --> want to discuss alpha or live NFT drops? This is the spot
#🎨 all-things-art --> NFTs can be beautiful. Let's discuss...
#🔨 founders-chat --> are you a founder or builder? Connect with like-minded
#🧘 this-is-mental --> a space for mental health conversation
#🎙 two-bored-apes --> link to episodes and some chatter about them
For a list of popular Threads within these channels, head over to the #castle-map​
A glimpse into the server