Deals & Discounts

Some membership perks
Occasionally, ZenAcademy members have exclusive access to deals and discounts from our partners. You can find them here - we will be continually adding to this list.


NFTNerds is a tool that gives you a competitive advantage in the market by providing features such as alerts with buy auto-triggers, sales & listing graphs, rarity ranking, and much more.
You can get a 20% discount on their one-month, six-month, and 12-month memberships if you use this link:


NFTFlip has many of the same functions as NFTNerds but is more affordable.
With this discount code, you can save 20% on a monthly or 6-month membership and 30% on a yearly membership:

For ZenAcademy NFT Holders, receive a 33% discount by using this link (you must sign up with the same wallet address that holds the NFT):
For OG members, receive a 10% discount by using this link:


SuperSea will be offering all ZenAcademy Genesis and 333 Token Holders:
  • 70% off discount to the subscription prices*, and
  • An allocation of free monthly memberships to the SuperSea tool library (these will be raffled, keep an eye on #🎁│giveaways).
*per month, valid for 6 months. Your access will expire after the first month, so you'll need to renew (still receiving the 70% discount) if you wish to continue month by month.

Kaloh's Newsletter

One of our superstar community members writes a terrific Newsletter at There's a premium/paid version and he's offering a special 33% discount to anyone that signs up via this link (monthly and yearly only, discount does not apply to the lifetime subscription):

The good people at Easely offer a 20% discount to any ZenAcademy token holder. Simply verify with your wallet holding one of our tokens on their website to receive the discount.
If you buy anything from the hyperlinks below, a % of the sale price is sent to us. While not a discount, 100% of those proceeds are re-invested back into the zen community.