Mint FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our PFP and mint process
What is happening with ZenAcademy NFTs?
We are refreshing our ecosystem, which includes upgrading our NFT technology and paving the way for exciting new projects. This starts with rewarding our existing ZenAcademy Genesis and 333 holders and moving from ERC 1155 tokens to ERC 721 tokens.
The four stages are as follows:
- a. Upgrade: Summon/Burn/Claim for ZenChests (ERC721)
- b. Expand: Onboard via Student IDs (free, soul bound)
- c. Reveal: Burn Chests to reveal PFP
- d. Grow: Empower the community & build the future
Does my “utility” change depending on whether I Upgrade?
No. Whether you have your original ERC-1155 ZA Genesis token, or choose to Upgrade to the ERC-721 ZenChest, or ultimately choose to burn your ZenChest in exchange for your PFP, your utility will be the same.
How long do I have to Upgrade?
The Upgrade window will be open forever.
How much does this all cost?
For existing token holders, the journey to securing a Zen PFP will cost nothing (aside from gas). We want to reward our existing community.
If you own a ZA Genesis token or 333 Club Token, your ZenChest claim(s) will be free + gas.
The burn/reveal from ZenChest to PFP will also be free + gas.
Is there a change in the collection size?
The total collection size for the PFP project will be 10,000.
There are currently 7,848 ZA Genesis tokens and 333 of the 333 Club tokens. 333 Club tokens will be able to claim 3x ZenChests each. This brings the total collection size to 8,847.
In order to ensure a free mint for the existing community, we will be reserving 1153 ZenChests to be sold via an application process. The price for these is TBD.
Is there a change in the collection size?
Yes, there’s a slight increase to take us to 10k. There are currently 7,848 ZA Genesis tokens and 333 of the 333 Club tokens. 333 Club tokens will be able to claim 3x ZenChests each. This brings the total collection size to 8,847. In order to ensure a free mint for the existing community, we will be reserving 1153 ZenChests to be sold via an application program, at a discount to floor price. This brings the total collection size up to 10,000.
What other options are there for obtaining a PFP in the future (Scholarships)?
The only way to guarantee a PFP is to have a ZenChest.
We will be introducing an application process to find individuals to sell additional chests to at a discounted price.
We may give a small quantity away to key partner communities.
You can also buy any of the tokens these on the secondary market.
I have the “OG” role in the ZenAcademy Discord. What does this mean for me?
OGs (our original, loyal non-token holders) will retain access to The Grand Hall section of the ZenAcademy discord.
We will have an allocation of ZenChests for best-contributing OGs to secure their PFPs.
After reveal, those with the OG only role will retain access to the Study Hall but not the PFP-gated sections of the server.
I’m a 333 Club member. What’s different for me?
333 Club Tokens will be Summoned for new ERC-721 333 Club Passes.
The 333 Club Pass can then be used to claim three ZenChests (one-time option).
Your 333 Club Pass will not be burned during this process and the claim is free (except for gas).
How do I know I’m signing safe transactions?
You will need to sign two on-chain transactions. The first is “SetApprovalForAll”, which allows your ZenAcademy Genesis token to be burned. This will require gas.
Once that transaction is complete and you initiate the second transaction, you will again be interacting with the Contract (“Contract Interaction”), which mints a new token to your wallet. This will also require gas.
Contract addresses:
  • ZenChests: 0x7b70695e761eb828abed8c4d506f9af3a76ef4b5
  • 333 Club Passes: 0x4fc0f57eaf5c08d0b8e72cad5d7e5a4e0ecc1a24
These transactions are safe and will not put your NFTs at risk.
Check out the Minting Guide on Discord for a visual walk-through
Note - 333 Club members will have 3 contract interactions in total: 1) SetApprovalForAll, 2) 333 token burn / 333 Club Pass mint, and 3) Claim 3 ZenChests.
Each transaction will require gas only.
How will Royalties work for each of the NFTs?
We understand that royalties are a hot and sensitive topic right now.
We are closely monitoring the royalty situation and will make a decision that we think best serves us as a community, and a company, both in the short and long term.
We will keep the community up to date with any decisions we make on this front.
Where can I go if I have further questions?
Our team is around to help you through any question - big or small.
If these FAQs don’t have your answer, jump into our Discord (, ask fellow members, and if you’re still stuck, open a Support Ticket where our team will be all hands on deck to help out.
You can also learn more about ZenAcademy visiting by exploring this GitBook.
What are Remnants?
Every wallet that has burnt a Genesis or 333 token will receive a free, airdropped, artifact of the original ZenAcademy letter in the form of an ERC721 NFT on Ethereum mainnet.
Tokens will be soulbound, meaning they cannot be transferred or sold. The intention is to keep Remnants as true collectibles (mementos), as opposed to a tradable or speculative commodity.
Remnants will be airdropped periodically, accounting for any new wallets that burn their letters but have not yet received a Remnant.
The Remnants live in this collection for Genesis tokens, and this collection for 333 tokens.
What are student IDs?
Student IDs are our way of welcoming everyone into the ZenAcademy community.
Student IDs are free NFTs that can be claimed (minted) anytime on the ZenAcademy website.
The only payment required is gas (a couple of dollars), which is necessary to execute the transaction on the blockchain.
IDs will be Soulbound tokens. This means that the NFTs cannot be sold or transferred out of the wallet that minted. There are a few reasons for this: we believe that once you’re a student of ZenAcademy, you’re always a student. Also, because they are free and mintable forever, there’s no need for someone to buy a token - they can just mint themselves!
Mints are limited to 1 token per wallet. You are welcome to mint from multiple wallets, however, you will most likely simply be wasting gas doing that. There is no benefit to having multiples - remember these cannot be sold or transferred. In the future you will be able to link the wallet you minted from to any others you own and to personalize your ID with badges, your PFP, and more!
Student IDs will enroll the owner in ZenAcademy and provide access to the token-gated “Student” section of the Discord server, where token-holders will be able to meet and chat with other Students. For more about the Student ID utility, see here.