ZenAcademy hosts both recurring and one-off events
Keep an eye on Twitter and Discord where future events are announced every Monday. We have this Google Calendar so you can follow all our events.

Recurring events


Two weekly tournaments that are free to enter for the ZenAcademy Community
Prizes: 1st: $200 | 2nd: $100 | 3rd: $50
Both In EST: Thursdays @ 3 AM, Saturdays @ 5 PM

Thankful Thursdays Twitter Space

We co-host a weekly Twitter space where the focus is on gratitude, mindfulness, and mental health in general. Co-hosts: Omar from Gratitude Blooming and Kit from The Well Spring​
Thursdays @ 5 PM EST

Weekly 333 Club Twitter Space(s)

Every week we host 1-2 Twitter Spaces where 333 Club members come to discuss their projects + their thoughts on whatever is going on in the space that week. Follow The 333 Club Twitter Account to see when they go live. Host: DancingEddie.

Other types of events

Movie Night

Join us to watch various movies as a community, with POAPs available for those in attendance!
Normally held on Thursday Nights @ 8 or 9 PM EST

Book Club

Monthly book club meeting to discuss a community-selected book!
Normally held at the end of each month


Trivia Challenge in which community members compete in a battle of brains and speed. Text based game with only the first correct respondent gaining a point. Prizes for winners.