Tools & Resources

A shortlist of useful NFT tools

Trading & Analytics - NFT collection sales & holder stats - Live trading dashboard. Very good premium tool - Stats dashboard - Free stats & trading dashboard - Analytics platform, good free tier, incoming lifetime pass - Analytics platform, good free tier, incoming lifetime pass - Another analytics platform, pass released 3/11 - Track critical metrics across 20,000 collections - NFT Stats & Trading - NFT Stats & Trading - More NFT stats - NFT wallet analytics - Trending projects in real time - NFT stats dashboard - Automated NFT alerts (Browser + Discord) - follow wallets to see what whales might be buying - see NFT contract activity live (to 1 minute)

Upcoming drops

Rarity Tools - a place to view the rarity/metadata of a collection usually before it shows up on opensea - same as above but you can put the contract address/collection name in to find any project - rarity rankings with solid filtering functionality

Chrome Extensions - NFT rarity tools - Floor prices, listing notifications, mass bidding, quick buys

Gas Tools - check current gas prices - see how much gas you've spent - see what is consuming gas atm

Floor Price Trackers

Tax Tools

Trustless NFT Swap Tools

NFT liquidity pools

Finding People - Marketplace to hire vetted blockchain developers for projects
Don't forget to check out a few more tools available at discounts to ZenAcademy members at Deals & Discounts