Our Consultants

Zeneca has become a prominent figure in the NFT space through his newsletter, podcast appearances and Twitter presence.
Zeneca provides insightful market commentary, free educational content, and has advised over 100 NFT projects.
He has invested in prominent NFT projects including Deca, Blur & Floor.
Zeneca is also the founder of ZenAcademy and The 333 Club.
Momo’s specialties are business development and marketing psychology.
He has worn many hats and done a bit of everything in the tech founder's wheelhouse, from website design and SEO to affiliate marketing, and product launches. He has built and sold several online businesses, ranging from SaaS, to services, to e-commerce stores. For the past 5 years, Momo has been full-time consulting with entrepreneurs about everything to do with building and scaling a profitable business. In the NFT space, he created the NFT Project List, is an active trader, co-founded the Lizard Lab, and has been lucky to consult with a growing range of NFT projects over the past year.
Momo leads all things technical at ZenAcademy.
Emily has spent the last 8 years in digital marketing, social media, community management, and copywriting. In web2, Emily worked with clients such as Nike, Playstation, and Kettle Chips. Emily has now found her home in web3 helping projects find their voice and establish their brand.
She currently leads Marketing and Community efforts at ZenAcademy and has a passion for creative writing, world-building, and lore.
Over the past 15 years, Mushrooooom has led complex investment banking transactions, consulted dozens of multinational clients in operational efficiency, founded an e-commerce business, and launched, grew, and scaled a $50M real estate venture.
He now leads Operations for ZenAcademy.
Mushrooooom loves all things web3, and with half a decade of management consulting experience, he takes a methodical, structured approach to solving a wide range of business problems.